Programs For Children With Life Threatening Illnesses and their families

Children and adults with life threatening illnesses spend a great deal of time and energy in & out of hospitals. They are trying to cope with their pain and discomfort. Picture the jubilation of a parent when they see their family member smiling and laughing.
The children, adults, and the families connect naturally with the Earth Angels volunteers to make the activities a success. This happens because unconditional love exists and is given.

Programs are executed on a monthly basis between Party with an Angel and Field Trips Angels.  Events are chosen dependent on weather conditions.

Party With An Angel

  • Providing programs on a monthly basis at the place where they are currently living.
  • Programs: arts & crafts projects, game playing and live entertainment, creating themes for each gathering and sharing a meal together.
  • This event allows those who cannot venture out to join us.

Field Trips With The Angels

  • The children (health allowing) and their immediate families are invited to spend the day at different theme parks in South Florida.
  • This allows them to get away from the day to day struggles and enjoy life in a different environment, away from their day to day struggle.


Earth Angels searches for special people to be part of our family. One of the qualities that we look for is a genuine heart, and all of you have it. We realize how lucky we are and are grateful that you are part of our family.
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Friends’ Thoughts

We ask the families to write their experience at each event to show how your donations are being used. Earth Angels programs work and we hope to continue to create joyous and memorable moments. We hope you enjoy reading them.
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