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For three straight nights I had a dream of a child in a wheelchair coming out of a group of trees to a rocky road and heading towards me. I asked who he was and where were his parents were. There was no reply. He continued towards me and I kept asking who he was. As he got closer, he told me that I was chosen to bring laughter to children with life threatening illnesses because of my genuine heart. I told him “No” because it seemed too difficult

He told me that when he was on earth he had had cancer and needed someone to talk to and that would make him laugh. He did not want to burden his parents because they were going through a lot already. This is why I was chosen to bring them happiness. I asked, “Are you an Earth Angel?” He nodded and disappeared in a fog.

When I woke up I knew the name of the organization and took this as a sign and mission. I picked up a legal pad and a pen and started writing, as if in a trance. When finished I gave the pad to my wife and she interpreted my text; I had detailed the goals and programs of a new organization. In 1995 Earth Angels transitioned from dream to reality.

Our first program saw us bringing holiday cheer to kids with AIDS. It was amazing and heartwarming, but hard work. From there, I knocked on the doors of the Ronald McDonald House and with excitement they opened their building to us. After some time we reached out to the American Cancer Society’s Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge and they too welcomed us.

What began as a dream has evolved into so much more than I could ever have envisioned. Earth Angels continually touches lives and inspires individuals to be greater than themselves.

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