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January – July 2017

“When we receive news that our child has a life threatening illness we can scream, our hearts can stop or we can become strong and face the problem. We all take different approaches”.

This is my story. I want people to know what I went through, now I have the strength and courage to share with others.

It started when my child started loosing weight and becoming pale. My husband and I took my daughter to the hospital, blood work was done. When we came back for the results we were told the results were abnormal, we had to see an oncologist.  DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THIS NEWSLETTER TODAY.

Our Earth Angels Volunteers

Earth Angels searches for special people to be part of our family. One of the qualities that we look for is a genuine heart, and all of you have it.  We realize how lucky we are and are grateful that you are part of our family.


If you are interested in Earth Angels and would like more information on how to volunteer or sponsor and Earth Angel or future events or programs feel free to click on the links below:

We at Earth Angels hope all is well with you and your loved ones. We truly hope you enjoy reading our latest newsletter and view all the wonderful things we are doing with Earth Angels. Please feel free to share this news letter with else you know that might be able to help or would like to read it.  If you or someone you know is interested in receiving future newsletter from Earth Angels contact us today.

When Earth Angels started, we thought that we were going in to teach and make a difference. Through the years, it has become more, it is a place to find yourself, to see a life that you did not know, to make a difference, to touch someone by holding their hand or giving a hug and and be touched back in a way that you never thought you would. A place where ego does not exist. Where the only thing present is unconditional feelings. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THIS NEWSLETTER TODAY.

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